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A third Gzira

And this is a third version of the face of Gzira, the daughter of Sheik Arruffat El Hachbedel

Lucania farmers

Photo by Arturo Zavattini in

And the ties


Catalan people should indeed decide. And when they will have the chance, they will say if part of their resources should go via madrid to less favoured part of the country or through the 3% party to accounts in Andorra.

Sending the Catalunya Parliament’s President to prison is just the last ‘disparate’ of this saga. Isn’t there a judge in Madrid?

Just few days.

Gray sky

Regional counsellors regularly elected by voters on the basis of a political programme treated as terrorists and sent to separate jails nearby Madrid before even the trial has started.
Without any violent action reproched to them.
If these are not political prisoners who else would be??

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