Catalan people should indeed decide. And when they will have the chance, they will say if part of their resources should go via madrid to less favoured part of the country or through the 3% party to accounts in Andorra.

Sending the Catalunya Parliament’s President to prison is just the last ‘disparate’ of this saga. Isn’t there a judge in Madrid?

Just few days.

Gray sky

Regional counsellors regularly elected by voters on the basis of a political programme treated as terrorists and sent to separate jails nearby Madrid before even the trial has started.
Without any violent action reproched to them.
If these are not political prisoners who else would be??

But cannot find the electronic version online.  Are they ashamed?

En Catalunya

A deaf and blind king.  But unfortunately not mute …..

What a shame

I have followed many voting processes in places such as Gaza, Serbsko Goradze, post war Mozambique and Cambodia and only once I had seen the police taking out ballot boxes from the polling stations, in a unliberal regime in Western Africa.

Today we have all seen similar scenes in the hearth of democratic Europe and that is a shame.

Those scenes show clearly the unsuitableness of the present Spanish Goverment and call for a change.

There will be time and opportunities to discuss mistakes and responsibilities of the ones and the others, but today someone has to be make accountable for this disaster.

As much as I can be simpathetic to groups and people closely related to their tradition, language, territory and although acknowledging that those factors need to be permanently defended in order to remain alive, I cannot support nationalism.

Because, eventually, nationalism is against the others. And nationalists tend to use the defense of their own space to justify aggressivenes and non respect of others’ opinions and rights.

I found a quote from Albert Einstein: “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

Nearly one million of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda because of the fighting and human rights abuses in the recently created state. Another million are being hosted by Sudan – 424.182; Ethiopia – 382.320; DRC – 82.322; Kenya – 73.242. 

Source: Amnesty International


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